Volunteering is an important part of JFSA.  We are always looking for creative, skilled volunteers to help us reach out to our community.

Right now we are looking for a Food Bank Volunteer Coordinator to join our team.

Volunteer jobs at JFSA include:

  • Food Bank volunteers
  • Mental health outreach
  • Friendly visits with seniors
  • Drivers for seniors
  • Drivers for food delivery
  • Office volunteers
  • Helpers for High Holidays
  • Computer skills

To volunteer for our “Better at Home” program, please contact Cindy McMillan at cmcmillan@jfsa.ca

What to do next:

  • Contact Ayana Honig, Volunteer Coordinator, at ahonig@jfsa.ca or 604.558.5707
  • Ayana will be in touch with you for a brief interview where you can tell us about how you want to help
  • All of our volunteers are required to fill out forms and undergo a Criminal Records check
  • There will be an orientation to the work of JFSA

What we expect from you:

  • To be supportive of JFSA and represent yourself in an appropriate and responsible way
  • To be reliable
  • To maintain confidentiality
  • If required, take part in training

What do you get from us?

  • The most important thing: an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life!
  • An opportunity to acquire skills
  • An opportunity to socialize with other volunteers

Quotes from our current volunteers:

Jonathan: “I volunteer because I have a strong sense of community, and giving of my time and effort is my way of contributing.”

Avrom: “I volunteer to keep my mind active and alert. I realize that people like me doing it, so that makes me feel good. After 9 years, I am still doing it.”

Roxanne: “I just love the seniors and sometimes they need help…You learn such wise lessons from them…the best part is that I love to give people compassion, help and empathy.”

Please contact ahonig@jfsa.ca  or 604.558.5707 if you are interested in volunteering.