Jewish Food Bank

The Jewish Food Bank is held every two weeks at the Peretz Centre for Secular Jewish Culture6184 Ash Street, from 10am – 11am on alternate Thursday mornings. We serve approximately 300 people.

Unlike general food banks, the JFSA does not have a “walk in” model. Clients must be assessed and placed on the food bank by a JFSA case manager or counsellor.

While we are not a kosher food bank, the Jewish Food Bank does not offer any meats, poultry or their by-products kosher or not — or anything marine that does not have fins or scales, or their by-products. In addition, for those clients who do keep kosher, we ensure that kosher items are available to them. We try as best we can to accommodate other dietary needs of our clients such as low-sodium items, gluten free items and the like.

The majority of supplies are bought, and we rely heavily on donations in kind for non-basic goods such as: prunes, honey, and healthy lunch-box items for children. Donations of food and toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toilet paper and diapers are greatly appreciated and needed.

The Jewish Food Bank is co-funded by Jewish Women’s International-BC, JFSA and many generous donors from the community.

For more information about the Jewish Food Bank, please contact:

Marnie Greenwald
Food Bank Coordinator & Community Development