Support for Holocaust Survivors

A Holocaust survivor is considered a person who suffered persecution due to his Jewish nationality, lived in a Ghetto, survived a concentration camp and/ or who had to flee or evacuate from the place of persecution.

Holocaust Survivor Services is a program of the seniors department of Jewish Family Service Agency. It provides assistance to eligible Holocaust Survivors to apply for different types of help such as:

  • Compensation programs of the Claims Conference
  • Financial assistance
  • Home Care services

We are dedicated to helping our aging clients with their unique needs in living independently to the best of their ability for as long as possible. We treat each individual with respect and dignity. If we cannot meet a client’s needs, information and advocacy are provided and referrals are made to other agencies that are better equipped to do so.

If you or someone you know is a Holocaust survivor, you may be eligible for all or some of these services, please contact Gisi Levitt, at or 604.257.5151.

Click on the image below to hear Isaac’s Story and learn more about how we support survivors in the community.

Isaacs Story









Social services for Holocaust Survivors are generously funded by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and the Azrieli Foundation.

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