cover-image-driedel-brothersJFSA’s 4th Annual
Hanukkah Helpers Program

In 2014, the Hanukkah Helpers Program was created as a chesed project for JFSA, where families in the community could help to support other families in need during Hanukkah. Since then, this program has become an annual event!

How it works

Each donor family is matched with an anonymous recipient family – with only minimal information about the ages of their children- and their task is to shop for their assigned family.  It is an opportunity to get the whole family involved in selecting items, decorating and writing kind messages.  For many recipient families, these gifts may be the only ones they receive this season.  Amount to spend and participation is up to each family.

A meaningful contribution is greatly appreciated!hanukkah-girl

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can our family participate?
  • Can we request additional information about the family in order to better tailor the contents of our package?
  • What should go into the package?
  • What should be the value of the package’s contents?
  • Should we wrap the package?
  • How much time do we have to put our package together?
  • How do we submit our package to the JFSA?
  • Aside from the intended recipient family, who see’s the contents of the package?
  • Do we get a tax receipt for the full value of our package?
  • If I have questions throughout the process who should I ask?
  • I know another family who may be interested in participating


Ready to participate?

Please fill out this form.

Or feel free to contact one of our program Co-Chairs or the Development Office:
Lori Braha
Kamiel Schwartz
Ayana Honig, Volunteer Coordinator, 604.558.5707,



    Hanukkah begins Tuesday, December 12, 2017 and ends Wednesday, December 20, 2017

    The deadline for getting your package to JFSA this year is Dec 4, 2017.  Thank you!