Friends of the Family Campaign 2017
One Life at a Time… Meet Susan

“Taking care of my son is my first priority.”

Susan works full-time in the Lower Mainland at minimum wage – $10.25/hr. A single mother, she struggles to make ends meet to support her son, Joey, who is now six years old.

Two years ago, she came to JFSA with a great deal of stress. With over 60% of her take-home income going towards rent, she felt overburdened by her responsibilities. She was struggling to pay for the basic necessities of living, such as transportation, utilities, clothing, school supplies and food. Susan tried her best to stretch her monthly income by purchasing cheaper, lower nutritional food at grocery stores and often skipped meals in order to ensure that her son, then four years of age, had enough to eat. During the day, Susan would drop off her son with her mother, who helped take care of him while she was working.

Her JFSA case worker helped her access both the Jewish Food Bank and the Food Vouchers programs. As she works full-time and is unable to come mornings when the Food Bank is open, volunteers help by delivering her parcels to her home. The Food Bank and monthly food vouchers empower Susan to manage and provide nutritious meals for herself and her family. Over the last two years, they have also received gift baskets and hampers during special occasions such as Hanukkah and Passover. Her case worker recently connected her with JFSA’s Employment Department and she is working closely with Susan to find better employment.

“You never know where life leads you. I faced challenging times and you helped me see a better future for me and my family. I am touched by the support that I have received.”

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Note:  Names for all our stories are fictitious to protect client privacy and confidentiality.