Friends of the Family Campaign 2017
One Life at a Time… Meet Nathan

Meet Nathan

“I felt so discouraged. Hopeless.  I needed a job where I could support my family.”

Nathan came to JFSA, worried. As a new immigrant from Israel, he felt overwhelmed in a new country. He and his family had to get settled. He had to find employment.

While he and his wife came with some savings, they knew they could quickly spend everything and they had responsibilities to their two children.

Nathan was well-educated.  He had a Master of Science in Geology.  Unfortunately, he could not find work due to a limited number of positions in his field. To make ends meet, he found work at a bakery.

His JFSA employment counsellor, encouraged him to stay positive and to not give up. It was not easy.  She coached him to develop his interviewing skills and networking abilities. After six months, through a contact he met an event several months prior, he found a job as a geologist.  He and his family were overjoyed.  Relieved.  And grateful.

“Thank you, JFSA, for believing in me.

Your encouragement meant the world to me.”

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Note:  Names for all our stories are fictitious to protect client privacy and confidentiality.