Friends of the Family Campaign 2017
One Life at a Time… Meet Kaley

Meet Kaley

” I just wanted to be happy. No one knew what it was like for me.”

On the outside, Kaley was a successful young woman.

Growing up, she always did well in school and was popular with her peers and teachers. She was perfect, they said. But Kaley never felt anything close to what people perceived her to be.

During Kaley’s first year of university, she was under distress. The courses were challenging and she struggled to sleep and study. Things did not work out with her boyfriend of two years.

Overwhelmed, she approached JFSA for counselling. In her sessions, she learned about the impact of many of her childhood experiences and family circumstances. Over a year-long journey of therapy she developed healthier coping mechanisms and learned new skills to communicate her feelings more e ectively.

Today, Kaley is able to better manage her anxiety and stress.

“It opened up my eyes. I learned more about who I am and who I want to be.”

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Note:  Names for all our stories are fictitious to protect client privacy and confidentiality.