Friends of the Family Campaign 2017
One Life at a Time… Meet Jennie & Bill

Meet Jennie & Bill

“I was unable to take care of him and cope with our day-to-day needs.”

Jennie was so frustrated that she could not do more for her husband, Bill. Married for 50 years, they had been each other’s best friend, side-by-side. They raised three children, but none of them were in town.

Six months ago, Bill was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Jennie lived in quiet desperation. She tried to take care of him on her own. A friend recommended that she contact JFSA’s Home Support Team. Jennie was so grateful when the Program Coordinator arrived at their home, assessed their needs and, most importantly, understood the challenges Jennie was facing.

Bill now receives 21 hours of home support services each week. And Jennie finds comfort in knowing that he is in the comfort of his own home, where they can be together daily.

“In my time of greatest need, you were my shining light. Thank you.”

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Note:  Names for all our stories are fictitious to protect client privacy and confidentiality.