Friends of the Family Campaign 2017
One Life at a Time… Meet Alexis


All I could think was “How could this happen to me?”

When Alexis first heard the diagnosis, she was in shock. “How could this happen to me?” she thought. The doctor told her that she needed to stop work immediately. Her employer gave her sick leave without pay. But how would she be able to survive? And for how long? For someone who had made a good living her entire life, she suddenly faced financial struggles.

What savings she had were quickly used to cover her monthly expenses. Alexis felt helpless. In the weeks to come, during the treatment for her cancer, without support, she felt even more isolated and weak.

Her childhood friend recommended that she reach out to JFSA. Immediately, she was connected with a case worker and provided with both monthly food vouchers and access to the Jewish Food Bank. Her monthly parcel from the Food Bank was delivered to her home. Her case worker visited her often. And the Housing Coordinator was able to find her an affordable apartment. When she needed prescription medication, Alexis was also approved for subsidy to offset the full cost.

“I was burdened and your support allowed me to focus on my recovery.  I am forever grateful.”

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Note:  Names for all our stories are fictitious to protect client privacy and confidentiality.